HarRishta paid service information.
HarRishta has designed and developed its own unique and best Matrimonial Service features which allows everyone to find and have proposals for marriage and to get life partners very easily and effectively with builtin features and functions developed especially to suit your needs. Life Partner Search Profile pages are reviewed and checked before a user pay three months service charges, to show their details on the site for everyone. A user (male/female/other) can create their soul mate search, information and details page and can hide or unhide specific areas like contacts and photos from other users, which provides them the facility to make their profile page secure and private from non serious people. A user with Paid Service have the freedom to browse/search/contact/interact confidently with any user of their choice to proceed for confirmation of proposal and to have a life partner which is suitable.

Who can have Paid service?

Everyone willing to find life partner especially for marriage can create harrishta account, but will have to pay atleast three months service charges after adding/saving their personal details for approval and profile activation & to use all features provided in the website.

Before providing or activating users paid service, we check all details of a user to our best (but we can not accept any claim and can not guarantee the genuineness of any profile details, its responsibility of a profile holder or owner to contact other people on their own responsibility or make their own contact details Open for others or make it Private), who is applying for this paid service, whether he/she has provided all relevant, genuine, true and correct information and he/she is really in need of finding a proposal for Marriage only or not !
We don't provide paid service to any person on this site who made their profile for just time passing or having some fun, so we have made it strict for us and all users about their security and privacy so that it may not be used wrongly in any way within our website, but we can not guarantee if something wrong happens if you provide your contact details to other users by self or don't keep your important details hidden or private, your privacy is in your own hands & it can be set in your profile settings and other sections inside your profile page.

Also read our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for more details.

How to pay for activation of your profile?

You can pay through your Bank account, or online bank money transfers, at the moment. Upon successfull verification process your profile is activated & enabled without waiting.
Please note that you will have to bear all extra money transfer Service charges by your own (if applicable), when you send us money by any means. These paid service activation chagres are NOT refundable (if you deactivate/cancel your profile). Refund Policies are also given on Terms & Conditions Page.