Send People to HarRishta and Earn Money Every Month Sitting Home.

Home Job Which Helps Everyone Earn.

HarRishta has it's unique and incredible Earning system to help everyone Earn Money easily by referring people to by their unique referral earning code link (which looks like this, OR, which is assigned to each and every user/member on HarRishta life partner search site. Upon registering your account, your earning referral link (URL) is generated automatically, you just need to copy/paste it on your websites, social medias, in WhatsApp, Facebook (Groups, Pages, Comments) in YouTube video descriptions, or even inside videos on your channels, on twitter, by emails to friends and family or anywhere you like to share your personal referral link you think can bring lots of people every month to help you earn money, it's upto you where and how you can gather most people clicking on your referral links and generating money for you. More details are on your Earnings Page.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

How it works?
  • It works like a charm ! Just copy your auto generated personal code link (as mentioned above), and share with the world. Every person clicking on your earning links will be opening HarRishta site, when that user creates an account and life partner search profile, you get your earnings on each and every PAID profile made with your links. For every profile, a user need to pay for activation and approval of their profiles and you get your amazing commissions, which you can check on your Earnings page. More you share and spread your earning links, more you earn every month.
Do I need to pay for it?
  • No, not at all ! A user (male/female) DO NOT need to pay any charges or money to start this home job.
Can I have more than one/two referral links?
  • Yes of course ! Every user can have more than 1/2 referral links, but for this, a user will have to register another account with different email address. An account registered with a unique email address is only assigned a unique 1 or 2 referral links inside your account and on your earnings page. With more than 1-2 links a user have to work hard for each and every referral links, so it is useless to get lots of referral links, for a single person.
Is it a click based earning system?
  • No it's not a click based system, which means that a user have NO earnings at all, if he/she only have clicks on their referral links. So only getting clicks on the links do not generate any earnings in anyway. A user only gets earnings by system's predefined commissions on each and every PAID profile, refered by a unique referral code and link. If a profile is made by your referral link but that profile is non paying user, then you get no commission/earning for that profile. More detailed information and predefined commission info can be found on your 'My earnings' page.
Can I change/update my referral links?
  • No ! A referral link is system's auto generated unique code, and every user (male/female) have assigned / given this unique code and link permanently or forever ! A user can not change/update it to avoid any earning calculations which are based on these unique links, if a user tries to change the codes in anyway, then earnings can not be calculated and generated by the system. This is also beneficent when you send or paste your earning links on a social media like facebook, and forget it for a long period of time, but your links will keep generating your referrals and earnings forever !
How users are paid?
  • Every user can collect their earnings by Bank Wire Transfer, paypal, or which is suitable and convenient for them.
Where a user can see their earnings?
  • Your Earnings and all statistics are shown on your 'My Earnings' page, you can open from your Profile Page Menu.
How a user can start their home job to earn?
  • Just open HarRishta site and create (register) your account, you are assigned an automatically generated unique referral link with your unique referral and earning code on Earnings page, which can be shared on WhatsApp, Facebook and other websites by just clicking a button on that page and That's it ! There are no any charges for activation and getting this personal earning link. Just send it to people, friends and family and see your earnings sitting in your home. You do not need to go outside, it is also a best home job for females and also for the people already doing matchmaking services online or manually, to earn extra money.
Do a user need to have Life Partner Search Profile to start this home job?
  • No, a user on HarRishta do not necessarily need to have their matrimonial or life partner search profile, in this case a user is also assigned their earning referral code and link when they create an account (Sign Up/Register). A user having only HarRishta basic account have only one earning link, while a user having personal details Profile as well have two referral links, both or anyone works same way.
Who can earn by this home job?
  • Every Male/Female of any age can do this job sitting in their homes. There is NO Educational/Qualification and professional restrictions. Just get your personal earning links and use your mobile or computer to send your earning links to people on different social medias, on websites, in emails, whatsapp, facebook whenever you have time. Just spend few hours in a day time or at night and send these links to people. More you share, more you get referrals and more you earn. It's all upto your efforts.
Where is My Personal Earning Link?
  • You can see your Personal Earning links on your 'My Earnings' page, after creating account and Signing In.